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Suretherm is part of the award winning Linemark Group - experts in the field of paint and specialist coating products. In 2011, Linemark won its first Queen’s Award (for Innovation) for the Impact Paint System which revolutionised the application of lines on sport pitches around the globe. In more than 20 years of trading, our products have been used at some of the most prestigious and iconic events including London 2012 Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, Champions League Cup Final and many more.

Innovation is at the heart of our company and in 2011 Suretherm was born. This game changing technology took over two years to develop and has been independently tested. It has been used extensively in the social housing and private rental markets and is making a real difference to people’s health and wellbeing.

In 2016 Linemark was awarded a second Queen's Award, this time for international trade. From our 48,000 sqft warehouse in Lancashire, UK we are proud to manufacture award winning, innovative products, which are exported all around the world.


Watch our corporate video here to see what our group does https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJzEfNfhH24&t=3s


You can also purchase some of our other products for waterproofing and sealing your property here Quality waterproofing and sealing products

Research and Development

Constant innovation delivers a brighter future

Research and Development are the cornerstones of our philosophy. Our chemists are constantly improving our products, sourcing only the finest raw materials to make incremental changes that make the world of difference.

It is here at Linemark Group where the finest paint and specialist coatings are manufactured to our unique formulations and specifications, offering unrivalled performance and value for money. Many have tried to emulate our unique and successful brands; however, Innovation is key to us and we work continuously to keep our products ahead of the game.

Paint manufacturing? It's all about the water

To manufacture the perfect paint, you need the perfect water. It needs to be soft (not hard!) and you need plentiful supplies year round. So we are very fortunate that our manufacturing facilities are based in the foothills of the English Pennines and are fed by the many natural rivers and streams of the area – the perfect paint making water. The care and attention that goes into our distinctive paints does mean that they take a little longer to manufacture than more generic paints, but our customers continually tell us that the results are worth the effort.

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