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How It Works

How does Suretherm stop condensation and mould

Suretherm holds the heat on the surface which prevents condensation and mould growth

Suretherm Anti Condensation Paint holds the heat on the surface which prevents condensation and mould growth

Suretherm Anti-Condensation Paint (ACP) is a water based internal emulsion which will significantly reduce condensation and mould by utilising Glass Microsphere Technology. Unlike other anti condensation paints, Suretherm paint does not contain any harmful biocides.

Walls painted with Suretherm Anti Condensation Paint feel warmer to the touch as the heat from your hand is being reflected back instead of being drawn to the colder surface of the wall and escaping.

When incorporated into a paint film, glass microspheres act as miniature Thermos-like bottles, providing a thermal barrier between cold surfaces and the warmer ambient temperature within a living space. As the air is insulated against the colder wall surface, condensation and mould growth is drastically reduced.

Another benefit of Suretherm paint is that it can be overpainted. Anti mould paints and anti condensation paints that are hygroscopic (meaning they attract moisture from the air) cannot be overpainted. This is because the active film will be covered over if you apply a coating over the top. Suretherm can be overpainted or wallpapered which will not effect the performance.

Where to use Suretherm

Heat passes straight through emulsion paint as well as ordinary anti-mould paints

Heat passes straight through emulsion paint as well as ordinary anti-mould paints

Suretherm thermal anti condensation paint can be used in various applications where condensation can create problems where moisture forms and mould grows.

The main uses for Suretherm are:

  • Bathrooms and wet rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Areas where mould grows (mould must be cleaned off before applying)
  • Cold walls and ceilings
  • Areas of missing insulation
  • Industrial applications including shipping containers
  • Prefabricated structures including internal surfaces (cladding etc)

Suretherm reduces mould and can be used on most surfaces such as painted/wallpapered walls and ceilings, new and old plaster work, brickwork, concrete, galvanised steel and most painted plastics. It should be noted that to ensure compatibility on metal and plastic, a small test patch should be trialled before commencing full application.

Whatever the application, the surfaces must be completely dry before treating to allow Suretherm to work effectively.

Test Results

Suretherm has been independently tested

Independent tests confirm that surfaces treated with Suretherm take more than twice as long to cool down when compared to ordinary emulsion paint.

Condensation takes 57% longer to form on Suretherm coated surfaces compared to ordinary emulsion paint.

*Suretherm is sample #D

Data Sheet



Suretherm is easy to apply - just like normal paint

Once the surfaces have been cleaned using Suretherm Preparation Treatment Spray, Suretherm Paint can be applied by brush or medium pile roller.

Quick tips:

  • Clean surfaces well before painting
  • Stir Suretherm gently - do not use mechanical equipment to mix
  • Minimum of 2 coats required using brush or medium pile roller
  • 2-4 hours drying time between coats
  • Paint over existing paints or lining paper
  • Covers 4m² per litre after 2 coats
  • Do not over apply as stippling may occur

Suretherm can be spray applied using the correct equipment. See data sheet for full specification.



Case Studies

Suretherm in action

Keeps walls warm

Suretherm retains heat longer than other paints

Independent test results show that Suretherm out performs 2 other "Thermal" paints as well as ordinary emulsion.

Take a look at the graph...

  • Painted samples were heated up and left to cool down to room temperature (19°C)
  • Insopaint, Thermo Emulsion and Ordinary Emulsion lost heat rapidly compared to emulsion
  • Suretherm absorbs heat and stays warm much longer



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